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to you. baldwin leaving court, clearly agitated. nick watt in los angeles. >> somebody is doing a lot of lying. >> oh, wow. >> very different take on what went down. >> there's not even one thing they agree on. >> a sexual relationship or none. that's a big difference. >> one coffee meeting for questions about acting. >> apparently baldwin was really hard on her attorney, too. apparently he's a young guy and turning things around on him and saying i know you are nervous, telling the attorney, i know you are nervous. apparently he was really working him over. >> by the way, she's been charged with 24 counts of harass and one count of stalking. interesting to see where this will go. >> sure is. >>> coming up. some elementary school students in new york may be setting a trend for the rest of the nation. they are trading in burgers and chicken nuggets for an all vegetarian menu and they seem to like it. >>> the verdict is in. we will tell you which city, new york or chicago gets bragging rights for the tallest building in america. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world ne
. the los angeles angels of anaheim described him as -- the "los angeles times" described him as the prince of perpetual motion. his new book is called "actor anonymous" and here is the trailer for the book. >> i am the actor. >> i am the actor. >> i am the actor. >> i am the actor. >> i'm an actor so i can play anything. everyone is in me and i am in everyone. i'm part of your consciousness. >> you don't think so? you want to deny i've made my way inside? >> look, i'm here to entertain you, but i don't really care about anything, you know what i mean? >> i used to care a lot about acting. but now i see that you're only as good as your material. >> and if your material is good, you're only as good as your director. >> there's so much dependence on others that i can't care about acting anymore. >> i'm jack nicholson and marlon gran bran doe, jimmy stewart, steve mcqueen. >> i'm nicholas cage and robert pattinson, james dean and rock hudson. >> i am norma shearer and lillian gish. >> i'm garbo. >> i'm like a sophisticated prop. i give you all the feeling you want, all the hair styles and ward
miami. chicago 55. minneapolis 39 degrees. dallas 62. los angeles 76. >>> there was plenty of puckering at an elementary school and for a good cause. students cheered as their teachers lined up for a kiss the pig at a fund-raising effort. >> got to kiss the pig. >> the money will help to cover the expenses of the gym teachers son who is bat alg rare illness. the pig didn't seem to mind the affection. >> it is a girl teacher and the girl teachers are lining up to kiss the girl pig. what's that about? >> she is cute to me. of course in a swine kind of way. >> all pigs are cute. >> except the ones that are muddy. >> i didn't think of that. >>> coming up an intense workout that gets great results, but is cross fit a good fit for pregnant women? why some experts say it is too much. >> looks intense to me. but first the little girl who's pointing out predators. how this virtual creation is highlighting some very real danger. you are watching "world news now." ♪ she blind me with science ♪ she blind me with science >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life
. this is los angeles "sportscenter" set. >> thursday night football. bengals and dolphins. miller up the middle. gino adkins, the standout tackle. all-pro, torn acl. done for the season. 16 seconds to go. dolphins down three. calleb ster jess from 33 yards out. the third nfl game in history to end on an overtime safety. >>> bulls at home for the first time. derrick rose back home for the first time in a long time. and he has game. final 11 seconds. the bulls have missed their last nine shots. and rose was just 6 of 22 before hitting that. it proved to be the game-winner. bulls, 82-81. >> that's going to be a really exciting season in the nba. >> i wish we had more time to talk about it. >> but we don't. >> we don't. >>> good morning, america. >> thank you, guys. >>> some incredible coordination and more than a little intestinal fortitude makes this our "play of the day." it involves a skydiver named katie hanson. >> you see that yellow object on the road below, it's a yellow convertible. >> she had a seat for herself perfectly. do not try that one at home, folks. that's crazy cool. >> pretty co
the highlights from espn. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" studios in los angeles. big night in college football on thursday. the headliner, oregon and stanford. from the farm in palo alto. oregon came in number three in the bcs. stanford, number five. kevin hogan, get in there. 8 carries, 57 yards for him. tyler gaffney did most of the work. 157 yards. marcus marrioiotamariota, for a touchdown. oregon trailed 26-0, at one point. a couple of passes late for mariota, the heisman candidate. stanford hangs on to win, 26-20. >>> from the nfl, redskins and vikings. cris carter being honored. christian ponder, scrambles. lands awkward on his left harm. left the game with a dislocated left shoulder. he did not return. next play, though, adrian peterson, how easy is that? 75 yards for a touchdown. 28-27, vikings. for the goal for the redskins. final seconds. robert griffin iii to santana moss. maybe one foot down. but not the second one. vikings win it, 34-27. griffin, 281 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. his former team, though, baylor, beat oklahoma thursday night to remain unbeaten. >>> that's all we
around, waiting. hoping that i would hear something. >> reporter: in los angeles overnight, california families welcomed home storm survivors back to the u.s. >> i was scared. >> i appreciate family that's still over there. and the ones we have here. that's really all we have. >> it's good. i miss them so much. >> reporter: back in the philippines, just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, a weaker tropical storm made landfall. and word this morning of a small earthquake. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >>> and back here, now. a north carolina man has been charged with attempting to help an al qaeda-linked group in syria. he is alleged to have posted messages on facebook and communicated with an fbi informant about his plans to join a group the u.s. considers terrorists. now, he was arrested at the airport just before leaving for the region. >>> in other news this morning, the son of oklahoma senator jim inhofe has been killed in a plane crash. he was piloting the aircraft. that plain did crash in a wooded area over the weekend near ls
november 1st? los angeles. and then will expand from there. thank you. thank you for joining us. see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and susie gharib brought to you in part by. >> interactive financial multimedia tools for an ever changing financial world. our dividend stock at visor guides and generates income during a period of low interest rates. we are >>> trick or treat, many expected the worst but october turned out to be a big treat for investors. >> bubble trouble. some vav vee investors are using the dreaded b word, so what should you do? we have the bull and bear cases for your money. >>> and no room for error, we know many people are one paycheck away from bankruptcy but there are major cities running paralaosly close, as well. the frightening names and numbers ahead.
victory for the new york yankees over the los angeles dodgers in game six of the 1977 world series. the hall of famer won five world series anxious, two with the yankees, he writes amount that much more in "becoming mr. october". i am pleased to have reggie jackson back at this table. welcome. >> thank you. >> rose: let's do a picture of you. this is the first line. first chapter, chapter run, i never intended to play professional baseball. after high school, i had gone down to arizona state on a football scholarship playing for frank curb, who was a great coach and knew my high school football coach from the pittsburgh area and he had said that i would be a great college player. and look at this. there is a picture of you as a football player. do you regret that you didn't play football at all? >> no. no. i would say not. i certainly enjoyed football, and i had the kind of pent up aggression, if you will, to where football was something that i enjoyed. i enjoyed the collisions and the physical contact. >> rose: okay. so let me ask you this. there was a book written and what was it
" it opens on friday the 25th in new york. and friday november 1st? los angeles. and then will expand from there. thank you. thank you for joining us. see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh >> join me in sunny mexico for a hip strengthening "classical stretch" workout. >> "classical stretch" is made possible in part by...occidental hotels and resorts featuring all-inclusive resorts throughout mexico, the caribbean, and costa rica under the allegro occidental brand and royal hideaway brands. we welcome you to the occidental hotels and resorts experience. riviera maya. paradise is forever. isla de cozumel. heaven on earth. [captioning made possible by friends of nci] >> i'm miranda esmonde-white. thank you for joining me here in sunny mexico near playa del carmen in this beautiful, beautiful terrace. so, we're starting with a warm-up as usual. and the warm-up is to warm up every muscle, every joint, ligaments, tendons, the works, and to get the blood circulating. so, the more you move and the more you will--relax
brought it to the museum of contemporary art in los angeles and we shot a special episode of "general hospital" at the museum of contemporary art and then it was both an episode "general hospital" aired on abc and then i also made a kind of weird arty documentary that we took to festivals and now have sold to comedy central. so there you see like performance art going through a soap opera then going through museum of contemporary art then going through national networks and then going through -- finally ending up in the frame of a weird documentary. and part of the art sr. the framing and the reframing. so when i go on stain gram and do something that is basically what these gossip blogs are doing but i'm doing it, i'm controlling it but it looks no different than the stupid photos they take of me or try and take of me i'm taking some ownership over it and they reprint it on their stupid blogs and then -- >> rose: they reprint it simply because it's you. >> they reprint it because it's me. i don't read the blogs anymore so i don't know what they said about it but just the fact that th
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)